Sony Xperia Update Flash Tools For Windows

Sony Xperia Flash Tools (windows Version) Download for Firmware Update

Sony xperia is famous for not getting any problems in firmware. But if it happens it gets little tough to get fix. Here I will talk about all the information of download Sony xperia flash tools. This tool is for fixing firmware problem. Sometimes you will see your xperia device has custom firmware, to get the official firmware you have to flash FTF file. To get this file you have to download flash tool which is allow in your region. The flash tool is desktop application. Remember to use flash tool which is compatible to your device.

Flash tool and its features:

You may think Flash tool is a complicated tool and you have to be expert to use this tool. But the fact is it is very user friendly and has simple interface to operate the flash. The interface is updated and has in detail instructions to perform the flash in your xperia device. But first of all, you have to download Sony xperia flash tools from authentic site or else your device will be damaged.

  • Works for every Xperia Devices – Flash tool works perfectly in every xperia device like old model Xperia S to recent model Xperia XZ. In a word, it is for all xperia device.
  • Helps to root device – xperia flash tool helps a lot to root your xperia device perfectly. The steps of rooting with the flash tool is very simple. You have to follow and use the steps carefully and get your xperia new and updated.
  • Helps to custom and install – with the help of the flash tool you can install, recover and custom. You are free to anything to your device with flash tool.
  • Cleaning ROM – excited? Well it is true that you can clean your ROM though it is official. You may notice that your Xperia has many unwanted apps and games. You can get rid of them with the flash tool.

Sony Xperia windows Version flash tools Download List.


Sony Xperia

But you have to remember one thing that your Xperia device must have boot loader which is unlocked. After flashing your phone will stay unlocked.

How to Recognize Sony Xperia Phone on Flash Tool:

  • download Sony xperia flash tools for your xperia mobile
  • Then click install and choose your pc edition.
  • After install and updating, click open the flash too; app.
  • Then connect your phone with USB cable to computer.
  • If the screen shows your phone is connected then you will assure that your device is recognized.
  • If not then try this method –
  • Open folder /Flash tool/drivers and Install “ggsetup-

The introduction of the flash tool:

  • Flash tool Androxyde v. is the recent flashing tool which is supported to all Sony Xperia phones. With this flash tool you can:
  • Flash unique Images (Android 2.1, 1.6, 4.x 2.3, Images)
  • Root your mobile.
  • Install Recovery, custom kernels and busy box,
  • Clean your Rom, you can add or remove any apps you want.
  • Clear cache
  • Edit any file on the phone
  • Your mobile will be good as new.

So, you can see you will get advantage if you flash your Xperia device. Download Sony Xperia flash tools from authentic site and make your device to run smooth and fast.

How to use the flash tool
After you have download Sony xperia flash tools you have to install it. Then after installing it you can use the official xperia after flashing your custom ROM. Don’t forget to keep backup of your device information. Because after flash your information will be lost forever.

Ways to flash your phone:

  • From computer, you have to open Emma from the start menu.
  • Get a USB cable to connect with computer.
  • Before flash turn off your phone.
  • After connecting phone with USB cable hold down volume key. The flash key is different for different models.
  • Get the list of services and select the software for your device which matches.
  • The tool will get phone and software automatically.
  • Check for Apply Service and click it. The phone will start to flash.
  • After flashing is over, disconnect the phone. Then turn on your xperia. It might take time.

Thus, the flashing process is over.

Some important things to consider:

  • As we know the flash tool supports every xperia device. But recent beta version of the flash tool does not support some xperia devices. So, you have to know the model, version when you want to flash your xperia device.
  • While you are flashing your mobile be sure that it is turned off. And get the right flash key for your device when you are ready to download Sony xperia flash tools.
  • The flash tool is for all systems – windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Pros and cons of Xperia flash tool:

Like every product, this firmware software has pros and cons. The pros and cons helps us to know better information about anything.


  • Sometimes you will notice that your screen is flickering, this problem will solve if you update your mobile with flash tool.
  • The engine Bravia gets better.
  • The memory will get more space.
  • The user interface will get smooth.
  • The touch screen will get more responsive.
  • You can play game more smoothly.
  • The wi-fi will be more stable and better.
  • Your device will not get overheat for no reason.
  • Your battery charge will be stable. You will not have to charge it frequently.


  • After updating with flash tool, your mobile screen sometimes get dark-yellow. Sometimes it stays for 3-4 sec then it goes to normal black screen.
  • The flash update don’t fix the uninstall bar.
  • Some voice apps like Viber not works.
  • Proximity sensor works slowly.

Flashing devices is a process which helps your mobile to get update and fast. Your Xperia device might run with custom ROM which has limits on using some apps. If you want to use the official ROM then you have to download Sony Xperia flash tools and use it to get acess to the official apps. Generally, this process is done by using computer. Just follow the instruction and flash your device. You will get fast Xperia model. Sony Xperia Official Site.