How To Flash Sony Xperia Smartphone by Flash Tools

How To Flash Sony Xperia Smartphone by Flash Tools

Sony is one of the biggest brands. They manufacture smartphones. These smartphones are sold under the line of Xperia. They are coming up with new designs and innovations every year. They are also rated as one of the best handset brand sold globally. The world is changing fast. So, is the technology. The Android phones are also developing. So what you can do is flash Sony Xperia Smartphones. This will help to update the phone’s firmware.All XPERIA Roms.

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Why do we need to flash Sony Xperia Smartphones?

For any technological advancement, updating is a must. You may love to change the device settings to get the best facilities from your smartphone. While doing this, you may face problems. Flashing helps to get rid of this problems. There are few reasons to flash Sony Xperia smartphone. They are as follows:

  • You may have rooted your smartphone. And now the only way to avoid the problem is to un-root your device again.
  • You might have flashed custom recoveries. Now, you need them back.
  • You have installed custom ROMs. Now you want to change them, but you are unable to.
  • You have installed different types of MODs. Those MODs are not suitable for your smartphone device.
  • If you flash your smartphone, you will be able to delete bloatware applications.

You may have “soft-bricked” your smartphone device. For this, your Xperia might not respond properly. You need to flash Sony Xperia smartphones. Flashing helps to update the device’s firmware. You will be able to get back your phone back to its first condition. Also, you will be able to install new versions for android.

A small note to Xperia smartphone users. Some of you may have unlocked the bootloader in your android device. Even if you flash, the bootloader will not get locked. It will not make any difference.

Steps before flashing Sony Xperia Smartphones

There are some criteria that you have to follow. Complete these before trying to flash you Sony Xperia Smartphone. They are as follows:

1. Model number

The model number of the smartphone is important. It should be compatible with your flash tool. Or else it might not work. And your phone might be hampered.

2. Charge of the batteries

The charge of the battery is important. It should be above 60%. The reason for this is flashing consumes a lot of charges. So, if it is above 60% your phone will not run out of charge.

3. Backup

You need to backup everything. This will help if something goes wrong and you lose everything. The backup created can be restored back. This way you will not lose any important data.

4. USB debugging mode

The “USB debugging” mode in your smartphone should be enabled. You can find this in your settings option in your phone. Go to settings, then to developer option. There you will find “USB debugging”.

5. Original data cable

You must use the original data cable that comes with your Sony Xperia smartphone. This will help create a proper connection with your personal computer and phone. You should not use any other cables.

How to flash Sony Xperia Smartphone?

You can flash your smartphone with the help of a firmware. Now, you might be wondering what is a firmware? A firmware provides a set of instructions to an android phone. These instructions help in improving the performance of your smartphone.

First, you need to download Sony flash tool. After that, install boot-downloader driver. You can find these in any trusted website. You need to make a copy of your Sony Xperia smartphone’s firmware. Then you must check whether all the important drivers needed are installed in a proper way. Your personal computer must identify these drivers.

Now, you have to copy your Sony Xperia smartphone’s firmware. And paste it in the firmware option inside flash tool folder. You can find the flash tool folder in “C” drive of your computer. After this, close the folder and go to the “window’s start menu”. Click on “all program”. Over there, you will find either “FlashTool” or “FlashTool64”. Whichever comes, click on it. “Sony Mobile Flasher by Androxyde” will start. Wait till the process is complete.

In the corner, you will see a “lightning bolt icon”. Click on it. There you will see two options. Click on the “Flashmode”, then click ok. After clicking ok, you will see a list. In the list, you will see the firmware you copied in the “firmware folder” a few minutes back. Select the firmware file. Below in the corner, you will see an option “flash”. Click on it.

Now you have to wait. Your computer will ask you to connect your smartphone. Remember, your phone should be switched off. There are different flash-modes for different Xperia smartphone models. It is wise to know it from beforehand. You have to press the right combinations of buttons to enter into the phones flash-mode. Continue pressing it until you connect your phone to your computer. The connection is made with a USB cable. Use the original USB cable to flash in a proper way. Continue pressing the flash-mode buttons on your smartphone. Do this until the whole flashing process is finished.

As the flashing process completes, remove the USB cable. You can turn on your smartphone now. Wait till the whole installation of the new firmware finishes in your smartphone.

Final Words

You have invested a lot of money when you bought your Sony Xperia smartphone. There are chances that you might disrupt the phone’s setting. This could be due to using different MODs or trying to root your phone. You may face errors that are irreversible. At the end, you might start feeling that all your investment has gone down the drain. Do not feel sad. Flashing becomes handy here. You will be able to take back the phone’s settings to the default version. And above, I have discussed the easiest way to flash Sony Xperia Smartphone. This process is less time-consuming. Any Xperia user can use it without any problem as it is a safe process.